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Our wedding 🙂

Many people live their lives waiting for something that will bring them happiness. We call it “I’ll be happy when…” When we buy a new car, a new apartment, when we go on a dream vacation, when… You can name it. But we think happiness is the joy of little things.

We would like to share with you our experience that the joy of life and freedom brings to us. We’ll try to bring our experience closer to you, we’ll try to show you that “it” is possible. Because, as Vlasta says, we only live once, and we don’t want to regret that we didn’t do something we could have done.


Although it is not very polite to reveal it in women cases, she was born in 1971. She has two children from her first marriage, Andula, 20, and Matěj, 18.


Vlasta was born in 1967. He has two children Mia, 13, and Max, 18. He did not get married, according to his words, because he didn’t have enough time. Life is so fast… 😊

We are an “almost” normal heterosexual couple who met in 2018 and got married in 2019. We found each other in an unconventional sense of humour, in a shared leisure experience, all pants and skirts despite 😊

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  1. Muy buenas tardes. Me fascinan las faldas; y los vestidos con falda. Yo hago mis propios diseños. Hace unos años me di cuenta de lo torturador e incómodo que es el pantalón para los hombres.
    Por anatomía el pantalón es más afín y concuerda mas con la anatomía de la mujer que con la anatomía de los hombres. Ninguna parte del cuerpo de un hombre se maltrata; ni se machaca; ni se magulla tanto como los genitales masculinos; la costura central que une las piernas del pantalón llamada TIRO; porque todo el tiempo tira; por delante y por detras; y entonces tiene que estar sacando el pantalón de entre las NALGAS; y de entre las piernas. Además a raiz de la IMPOSICIÓN del uso del pantalón para los hombres; a los hombres nos abusaron; porque nos obligaron a orinar de pie; lo cual es totalmente ANTINATURAL E IRRACIONAL; pues ningun ser humano se sienta en el sanitario o retrete; y hace la deposicion; y luego se para a orinar de pie; pues como ustedes saben muy bien; los 2 esfinter se abren sincronicamente; o al mismo tiempo; el hombre cuando va a orinar de pie; además de que ensucia el baño; dicen los médicos que se daña la PROSTATA.
    La idea de usar las faldas; surgio de aceptar una sugerencia de mi esposa. Pues en una ocasion mi esposa me insinuo que me pudirta algo mas comodo; y yo le hice caso; fui y me quite el pantalón; y la camisa; y me puse una BATA; o salida de baño mia; desde ese momento me di cuenta de todas las molestias y trastornos de SALUD puede causa el horrible e incómodo pantalón. Y es lo mas comodo y saludable que haya podido usar; no encuentro una prenda mas comoda que una falda; o un vestido entero con falda.

  2. Hi I love the way you do it. You are a lucky and couple. Me too, my wife respect me when i’m wearing dresses and tights, at home, but not in public. When I was single my dress code was more free even in public, I wore on the street, cinema or classes dresses, skirts, shorts tights or heels even earrings. I wasn’t worried about the others. I wore like a man, not triying to pass a woman. At the begining she respected and accepted, I was in London with two days wearing skirt, But she felt unconfortable and I recover the pants. I like to know about Vlasta, how was your personal beggining with this that others call ‘feminine attire’?

    1. Hi, Llorenc, Like you, want to dress as I like. Not to pass as a woman, but taking the right to use some of their Items! In our small village, I walk in trousers, but maybe in the city? I´m looking forward.

  3. I always look through your new pages with great interest ! Many thanks to Mikaela for helping create such beautiful images ! Vlasta…. – there are no words, you look great !!! I wish you great happiness and good luck!!!

  4. Wow, you are a great couple and always look so lovely together. I really love how you both dress, Michaela is always so stylish in her skirts and dresses and I am so proud of Vlasta. I am not be so strong to dress in skirts as a male so I always change into my feminine self when I have the opportunity. Love, Marie-Christine

  5. Hi / ahoj!

    It is good to see, that there are such people. And the interesting thing for me, you are so close. I live in Prague. I am a man who loves women and I have a girlfriend. She knows that I also like to wear high heels and skirts. I also walk in heels on the streets of Prague.

  6. Really love your lifestyle! You are both so lucky to have each other! Please, keep it always and forever live this!

  7. I am an american who loves to wear skirts and high heels. Finally, i found this gender blender (hetrosexual) related. For all of my life, i am so attracted to heels and now i have some skirts and see through clothes. Do you have any idea where i can find a woman who also want a man who wears heels and skirts as well?? which dating website???

  8. Ahoj,
    jste skvělí a moc vám oběma fandím! Jsem heterosexuální muž, nosím dokonce vousy, ovšem některé tzv. dámské oblečení mi připadá pohodlnější a pěknější než to “pánské”. V dámské blůze, svetru, saku nebo kabátu mě můžete potkat, ale jít ven v šatech nebo sukni jsem se ještě neodvážil. Když vidím, že nejsem sám, možná to někdy zkusím. Jen chůzi v botách na podpatcích bych nedal 😎
    Tleskám také paní, že je tak chápající. Není každá taková…

  9. Moc vás oba zdravím a obdivuji😁😁 a regulerně mě Vlasto štvete😡 s nádhernýma botičkama😁 a o červených nehtech ani nemluvě 👏👏👏
    Outfity máte skvělé, vyladěné👍 jen tak dál 😁😁 Hezký den Hanka

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