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  1. You two make such a beautiful couple. So glad for you to be able to dress as you truly want to. I wish I could dress in skirts, dresses, pantyhose, and heels in public, but here in the USA it is mostly frowned upon. Good luck and stay safe.

  2. You both look stunning in whatever you are wearing. I long for the day when men wearing dresses like yourself can walk down the streets without any nasty comments. Unfortunatly I cannot see that happening in my lifetime.
    Good luck to you both. XX

    1. Achei lindo, eu adoro roupas dito masculino e sempre usei porquê que um homem não pode?

    2. I do that where I live in Michigan. I live this way now. I found that if your outfit looks right and you look right, people don’t really question it or say much at all.

  3. Definitivamente las faldas; y los vestidos con faldas son más SALUDABLES, cómodos y apropiados para los hombres. La única parte del cuerpo de un hombre que más se maltrata son sus partes íntimas; con la costura central del pantalón; es toda una tortura.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment, and we are very glad that you found the courage to be yourself thanks to us. We know that it is not easy, either because of social or cultural prejudices, or because there is still great danger in some parts of the world when you express yourself freely.

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