When I’ve met Vlasta I noticed that women’s dresses on him cause a stir everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. People were staring at us, taking photos, commenting. And than I suddenly realized:

I’m invisible!!! 😀 It was a whole new feeling.

As a girls we’re used to attention. From an early age, the surroundings evaluate us (nice dresses, shoes, hair). But not for boys. They are measured by their actions. He broke it, arranged it, repaired it, invented it. And suddenly it’s different. There is a lot of attention around us, but not on me, on Vlasta! I’ve became used to it. But it’s a completely new experience.

One story for all. It’s a February night and we’re leaving the dance ball. We’ve decided to walk because we don’t live too far. We both have dresses. It’s three o’clock in the morning, at the National Theater we pass a couple of young and handsome people (boy and girl). The boy suddenly stops and says:

– “Excuse me, weren’t you at the National Theater at the Ballet Bridges in November?

We’re both a little surprised, but we answered unanimously yes. The boy smiled, looked at Vlasta and said:

– “Blue cocktail dress and brown pumps! Am I right?

He was. But no one remembered what I was wearing. We all started laughing and a couple disappeared into the darkness.


Once, in the morning, we went to work together. Vlasta was exceptionally wearing pants. He looked at me and conspiratorially said:

– “Now, if they’re staring at us, they’re staring at you“. 😀

And he was right. I had my attention again. Even though it was so little compared to him wearing dress.