Yesterday we went for a walk around Prague, but in the end we did not go very far. Along the way, we came across a shoe store with huge sale, where we spent almost the entire afternoon. This is one of the accompanying phenomena of the ongoing pandemic – almost everything is on sale, almost everything can be bought for 50% or less. The less hilarious part is that it’s almost nowhere to wear. But this is hopefully just a transitional state.

On the way back home, we stopped at our favorite restaurant Tiskárna for a late lunch. We had a meal that all Czechs from school cafeterias know – dill sauce. One Czech proverb says: “When two do the same thing, it is not always the same”. In this case, it was more true than ever. 🙂

We had beef in traditional creamy dill sauce, baked potatoes, cured egg yolk, and for dessert we had homemade blueberry ice lolly. The food was, as always, amazing. Pilsner beer here is probably the best beer in the whole of Prague, and the service in the restaurant is excellent, friendly and professional. Definitely worth a visit.

And one more interesting thing. From the moment we know each other, we have one habit that helps us stay fit. In addition to walking a few kilometers every day. We share the meals in the restaurants. Usually we only have one main course, no appetizers. You wouldn’t believe how little food is enough for us, and how we as people are constantly overeating. And as every girl knows, and the men should know as well – it is not very good for your figure. 😀