We are very proud we have been invited and featured in one of the most popular TV talk show in Czech Republic the Show Jana Krause. It was very pleasant and funny experience as always, as Jan Kraus is very smart & funny talk show host, we have enjoyed it very much and we hope he enjoyed it too. 😉

Teaser from Jan Kraus official site

In the end, we move into the world of fashion, otherness and breaking down stereotypes with husband and wife Michaela and Vlastimil Černý, who in the words of the moderator “do not observe the bad habit that a man dresses differently than a woman.” “As we are not completely traditional, it is not completely traditional for a man to receive a flower,” says Mrs. Michaela as she hands over the beautiful bouquet to Jan Kraus, remembering their first date. “Vlasta came with varnished nails, but in men’s clothes.” “And that was enough to scare her enough and to keep me out of the draw,” adds Vlastimil, who is not ashamed of his extravagance at work. “For example, a small selection in men’s fashion led me to do that,” he explains his motives. “Look at that selection somewhere in the mall. Three floors of women’s fashion and then somewhere in the basement of men’s fashion.” Clothes are said to be an expression of freedom for him and being able to do whatever he wants. “I said to myself that I have only one life, only one attempt, so I will do what I want.” What complications does Vlastimil’s attitude in everyday life bring? How did Michael’s friends view their relationship? And what harmonized models will the couple show us in a small fashion show? You will learn this and much more in this part of the Jan Kraus Show!


You can see the whole broadcasted episode, pre-filming questions and what didn’t fit into the show in the following videos. Unfortunately, the videos are only in Czech language and do not contain English subtitles. 🙁

Broadcasted interview with Jan Kraus
Questions before the Show 😊
What has been cut out from the Show.