From the beginning, more and more people turn to us and tell us their personal stories. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, sometimes with pictures, sometimes more open, but always kind and moving, and we are very pleased by them. Now we have received one story that we would like to share with you.

We are very happy that we give other people the courage to be who they are and not to live a life of hypocrisy and to worry about it. There is no reason for that.

When we were thinking about starting our Blog, we had exactly this in our mind. We just wanted to show other people, that there is nothing wrong on loving high heels, dress, skirts or any other parts of the “traditional” women’s wardrobe, and mainly, that they are not alone. That it is perfectly fine, if you like it & wear it, and that you don’t have to be gay or bisexual (we are fine with any sexual orientation), and that you don’t have to be ashamed of it.

So enjoy moving story from this beautiful couple 🙂

Name: Leo

Message: WOW!,

That was my first thought, once a saw for the first time a post on your Instagram account, and it was a soundly one. After that, I shared the address of this blog with my girlfriend. And she had a soundly WOW reaction too.

Let me explain myself. Since younger age, I’m turning almost 30, I love high heels shoes. I grew up in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, to be exact, a not so friendly neck of the woods in regards of men wearing « women » shoes. Also I come from a French, modest, traditional and Lutheran religious family, that older generations looked with judgement eyes people that are « different ».

I studied in a French school in Brazil (thanks god!), there I learn that high heels had been on men and both sides of the closet before the Revolution. After that, heels flipped to the women side only. Knowing that matter had been someone’s decision in the XVIII century, than been written on stone in the Bible.

After Brazil, I went to attend university in Paris and to live alone. At that time my love of heels just grew stronger. I started to work in one of the fashion houses there, in an admin-boring position, I’m not a creative person, and start to date a Belgian lady that grew up in Rio as well. She come also from a traditional and Jewish religious family, so I did not had an open window to share this secret with her.

I open myself with, at that time, my assistant and nowadays my best and closest friend about my high heels passion and she was very supportive. So supportive that she figure it out a way for me to wear them when in office.

After this and subsequent other relationships with girls coming from equally traditional backgrounds came and passed by cyclically and the question of sharing this detail of me banged my head cyclically as well. Meanwhile my hidden high heels collection grew substantially.

But, everything changed when I start to date my actual girlfriend. I knew her from at least 4 years before I moved the coast, closer to majority of my friends. Recently she helped me in organising a huge post-wedding party for one of my friends and at that point I learn that she did not have a boyfriend anymore.

Few months later when the construction of the building I live in was over, the architect finished to decorate my apartment and my closest friend placed everything in place. I was overseas, working and I decided to throw a small thank you party for them and other close friends. When she learned about it she jumped to organise everything for me.

At the party, the place was full, (remember when humanity was able to socialise in packed places?) I took her to my suite upstairs, a quieter place. When at the stairs, I praised her shoes, quite extensively.

Once at my bedroom, I hugged her for the amazing job she perform in such short notice and we kissed. After, she asked about the praise that I made to her shoes. She told that no one never complimented her shoes before (quite difficult, but, I knew through several friends in common, that her previous boyfriend was an asshole).

By impulse I took her hands and showed her a hidden part where my collection was kept. She was surprised, very surprised! But at the same moment she held my hand stronger wrapping her arms in my arm. Since then she is very supportive and sometimes annoying encouraging. She loves to see me in heels and I love her for accept me as I’m in full.

We read « How do you meet guy like this? » together. After read it, she kissed me, a deep loving/caring kiss. I felt that she just figure it out that, she and we are not alone. I told her that I want to share this private part of our life with you two. She gave me a soundly « Yes! Please do it! And send my regards ».

Sorry for the extreme long text.


Leo and Sophie