So let me as a woman dive little deeper with the first tip mentioned in previous post What the girls know, but no one told the boys. 🙂

I’m sure we all know that. We look at a photo of a beautiful model in a perfect outfit, and we long to look the same. We browse e-shops, we will find the same or similar clothes that we buy and wait impatiently for the package to arrive. And here it is. We eagerly open it, dress new pieces and … that’s not it. What happened? There may be several reasons, but the most common reason is that the model on photo was young, slim, tall, with ideal female proportions. And lets face it, even most of us women doesn’t look like her. It’s called marketing. But anything she puts on would suit her, even a bag from potatoes.

We all grow old, we all change, we all know it. In the first third of life, we look forward every day to being older, taller, more mature. Then, unnoticed, the time comes when we look in the mirror every birthday and slowly come to realize that we are no longer teenagers. Our body is changing. Everyone changes differently, it depends on how we care about ourselves, what genetic predispositions we have, what health shape we are in.

We must learn not only to live with our wrinkles, degrading skin and hair, altered proportions, but also with the fact that we can no longer wear everything that comes to our mind. But I think that by following a few simple guidelines, we can enjoy fashion at any age. But don’t get me wrong, if I am talking about age, it means how you look and feel, not exact biological number.

Couple of guidelines for you to help

  • Be careful with miniskirts. We all enjoy miniskirts, it’s a bit of a symbol of femininity and every boy who wants to wear a skirt wants to have it. BUT…. The miniskirt is tolerable even at a later age, if you have nice legs, but it must be combined with higher boots, nylons and ideally the upper part of the clothing should cover the maximum. It always looks more elegant when only one half of the body is exposed. For example, when I show my legs in a short skirt, I wear a turtleneck, and vice versa, when I wear a long skirt, I can have a neckline or short sleeve. In short, we must leave something of the body covered, so that there is room for imagination.
  • Bare arms and shoulders until 25, then I’d rather not. Of course, there are exceptions, as always. But spaghetti straps or a sleeveless outfit is nice when you have bony shoulders. If you like this piece of clothing, try throwing a light sweater over your shoulders. Pay attention to the quality of the skin, if you suffer from acne or do not want to shave, forget about this part of clothing. It will never look nice.
  • Easy with neon colors. Enjoy neon colors on your nails and in summer. It looks a bit “fiercely young” on clothes from a certain age.
  • You will look younger in lighter colors. Pastel tones are cool, and will do the trick.
  • Leave the pictures on the T-shirts to the young generation. If you can’t do without it, go jogging in it, or do housework. 😊
  • Avoid wearing scarfs or shawls. Even if you feel that the scarf or shawl is nice accessory or hides something, usually it is not so. Boys have a shorter neck than girls and a scarf will shorten it even more. A shirt or a T-shirt with a collar will do you a better service.
  • Try a hat, straw hat or panama hat. But beware, not everyone is a hat type. For example, Vlasta does not look good in any type of hat. Just don’t overdo it with the size of the crimp. The smaller the figure, the smaller the crimp.
  • Look for inspiration from celebrities. You can take advantage from celebtrities fasion. But whenever you are looking for inspiration from the stars on a silver screen, look at women your age and similiar figure.
  • Don’t wear poor quality clothing. I prefer less clothes, but quality. Clothes from the Asian markets or e-shops like AliExpress are not expensive, but the quality of the fabric, workmanship and cuts is usually not very good, to put it mildly. And it’s recognizable at the first sight! As we age, we are expected to advance to some level of society, including better clothing. Most of you definitely have expensive and quality suits in your wardrobes, so why should you suddenly wear a lower quality dress or skirts?
  • Don’t lean forward, smile. The older we get, the more we tend to hunch over. When you straighten up and smile, you immediately look younger. We have such a trick. Imagine that you have a string on the top of your head and someone is still pulling you up. Just focus on that, when you are walking on street. You will see what immediate effect this has. You radiate confidence and pride, look younger, surprise your surroundings and feel amazing. And it often discourages unbalanced individuals from making silly remarks to your address. So you achieve several goals at once. Isn’t it great?

So let’s look at a few examples

And my summary at the end 🙂

Don’t think of this article as a dogma, but rather as a few tips that could help you better orient yourself in the world of women’s fashion. Nor does it mean that with age, your style must look like an old aunt. Not at all. I was just trying to say that it’s good to think about whether your outfit is more for someone younger or for someone much older.

I wish everyone a lot of courage and freedom in fashion and fun and joy it brings to your life. It’s a feeling that as a girl, who can wear whatever she likes, I can’t fully and trully experience, and you have my admiration for it.

Hope it helps and feel free to express your thougts in comments bellow.