Our first social event of the new season – the opera Don Pasquale at the Vienna State Opera. The performances and the opera were, as always, a wonderful experience. So far, the Vienna Opera has never disappointed us. Despite its age, the message of this play is still relevant, and any mature man who desires a young wife should definitely give this work a try. 😀 Thank you very much for the invitation and for the tickets to the Vienna Opera team that invited us.

It was quite hectic for us as we were getting up at 3am for the train to Vienna. And the very next day we were up again at 3 in the morning to go to the airport to Amsterdam. But it was definitely worth it! 😀

But we still managed to go to our favorite places. Before the opera, we went to lunch at Figlmuller’s for a steak as big as an elephant’s ear :-D. If you haven’t been here yet, it’s like not being in Vienna. 😀 We definitely recommend it, and we also recommend having one portion and splitting it with your partner. Otherwise you are unable to eat it. After all, it can be seen from the photos. 😀
Then we had coffee and cake at Gerstner’s in the early evening. For the first time, we had an old classic cake called Dobostorte, which is not at all easy to make. And the cake was delicious as always. And finally, after the opera, we went to the Black Camel for sandwiches and a glass of wine. We really like going here, because of the atmosphere that this very traditional restaurant with a lot of history has.